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Rebecca’s reiki sessions are exquisite. The energy that comes through her is nurturing, supportive and transformational. Her psychic work is also done with utmost integrity. She’s a true healer.

  ~Lynne Kasal Enlightened Bodywork

Answer on Point!  

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. You're answer was on point as well as your advice. I will try my best to incorporate it into my life with the hope I find a way for everyone, including myself, to be happy. God Bless and Keep you, again, thank you for sharing your time and gift with me.  


Mind Now at Ease  

Thank you for your confirmation. You were right about the job as that was what I was aiming for. You did put my mind at ease. Thank you.  



Rebecca was so warm and friendly, I never felt more comfortable telling her my story. She was absolutely comforting! Thank you so much!  


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