About Mystic Snowflake

My Journey

I am currently in my seventh decade and third career. I grew up on a farm with deep emotional ties to the earth and all living creatures. I always hoped to settle in a position after college that had the potential to make the world a better place. However, when I graduated from San Francisco State with a degree in geography, I was offered a position in an advertising agency. While advertising work was interesting, there was an empty space in my soul that I felt very acutely.  

In 1989, realizing that our lives needed to change my husband and I sold all of our possessions and moved to the wonderful US Territory of Guam. I quickly found a place for my heart to reside with the local humane society, but there were too few veterinarians to assist the society with medical care. As a result the outcome for the animals was often heartbreaking. I felt called to be in a position where I could help both people and their pets. I returned to school and obtained a veterinary degree. 

I practiced veterinary medicine for almost 20 years, both in Guam where I owned my own clinic and later in California. Over time, although veterinary medicine was fulfilling there were hints that I might be able to provide more than what is standard in the field. I started to intuitively understand what was going on with my animal patients. Diagnostic tests usually confirmed my original diagnoses. With this knowledge, once again, I felt it was time to further expand my ability to provide additional services. I have since undertaken formal training in metaphysics and have found that the ability to work both on the earth and astral plain brings me much joy and happiness.  

I begin this new journey with a dedication to helping my clients, both human and animal, find peace, harmony, healing and joy.  

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