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The Story Behind Mystic Snowflake

Every time I introduce my business the first question people always ask is - why Mystic Snowflake? In my twenties I lived in San Francisco with six roommates and one of them was and is still is an amazing artist. Collette drew the picture you see above and I loved it so much that she let me have it. The picture resonated with my soul and still does over 35 years later. It is the perfect representation of the person I want to be. The calmness, the beauty and magic of it. I like to think she is throwing fairy dust snowflakes out into the world to heal and make people feel happy and lighthearted.  

I used to look at this picture all the time when I was practicing veterinary medicine. There were times when I felt sad at not being able to save an animal in my care. I would cry, wishing there was more I could do. This picture would calm my heart, knowing I did my best for both the animals in my care, and for their humans who were grieving.  

I am now moving into the next chapter of my life and I am so excited to be able to have this image be the representation of this part of my journey. When I think about energy healing and helping people work through the metaphysical parts of their life, I know Mystic Snowflake is the perfect name. I designed my healing services around this image and hope that both are able to bring a smile to your face, a happiness to your heart and calmness to your soul.  

Mystic Snowflake Services

I offer multiple modalities for you, your pet, your home or business. Use the buttons below to explore:


If you or your pet are suffering from physical symptoms, anxiety or maybe just feeling out of balance then a healing session is for you. Reike sessions also enhance your body's own self healing mechanisms and can be performed in person or at a distance.



Sometimes we just need answers to help us heal. Whether you are looking for medium services to contact a loved one, you have questions about a past life or just want answers about a current relationship or employment, then click below to learn about my psychic services.


Do you want to learn how to meditate? Maybe you are buying a new house and want to cleanse the energy before you move in? Or maye your business is struggling with profitability... my metaphysical services cover all these topics and more! Read more about them below.

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I was riveted by what I found out! Rebecca knew all the right questions and helped me thru my pain. I am riveted by her knowledge and insight! Thank you!!



Rebecca was so warm and friendly, I never felt more comfortable telling her my story. She was absolutely comforting! Thank you so much!  


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